Apollo 60 L Unitank Pressure Fermenter

Ferment and carbonate in one vessel with this 60 litre unitank with conical, PET design

The Apollo 60 L Unitank Pressure Fermenter is big enough to match your homebrewing ambitions! Pressure ferment and carbonate a double batch of quality craft beer in one 60 L tank.


With its conical shape, clear, high-strength PET build, and high level of fermentation control, the Apollo allows you to ferment under pressure, with confidence.


Features include:

  • Stainless steel plunge valve and collection bottle for dumping trub and harvesting yeast
  • A dry hop port for sanitary dry hopping
  • Centralised floating dip tube for clear transfers
  • Thermowell to monitor the internal temperature
  • Built in handles
  • CIP Capability
  • True conical shape
  • Stainless steel stand with castors


When finished, the beer can be served directly from the fermenter, or transferred to a keg without introducing oxygen. Each unit is pressure tested straight off the production line.